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Webinar: Why Should Marketing Care About CRM?


There is one thing enterprise marketing and sales can agree; sales is revenue driver #1. The best results for both silos can be achieved by using the same tools and big data. That’s why marketers should embrace their customer relationship management (CRM) platforms. It will help marketers to get better alignment, and stop wasting money on “one of those” campaigns. 


In this webinar, N.Rich explains how to improve the performance of your marketing channels with customer and revenue data found inside your CRM. 


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Why CRM is for marketers too?

Most people think of CRM as exclusively as a sales tool. CRM is very useful for marketing because you can use real (and future) customer data to optimize each marketing channel. CRM’s are vibrant environments where you can find all the necessary data for targeting and measuring your attributions as sales opportunities. 


You will learn new things about CRM usage for marketing:

  • Target key accounts using CRM data on all best ad channels: Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter
  • Enable your website to suggest the right content at the right time for the right customer
  • Present results as marketing-influenced sales opportunities.


IMPORTANT NOTE: This invitation-only webinar is designed for B2B Enterprises that have already taken their first steps to build their MarTech stacks by investing in MAS, CRM, and CMS.

Markus Ståhlberg

* 20+ years of marketing, IT, and software product development experience

* Co-founder and CEO at N.RICH

* Marketing Technology software provider for B2B Enterprises in IT, manufacturing and engineering area

* Co-authored of a MarTech book “Multi-Channel Marketing Ecosystems” (Kogan Page)

Maxim Kublitski
Enterprise Solutions Manager

* 5+ years in B2B enterprise-focused sales & marketing

* Marketing Technology, AI & Startup evangelist

* B2B sales & marketing column writer & public speaker