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Leverage Eloqua to Work for Your ABM Strategy


Is your marketing automation (MAS) performance measured in leads and drips? If you answered “Yes”, this webinar could be a seed for a promotion. In this webinar, you will learn how to update your MAS metrics to show marketing-influenced sales opportunities. With the legacy approach, B2B marketers can show lead-based attribution for less than 1% of corporate revenue. In this webinar, you will learn how to expand your MAS attribution to up to 20% of your corporate revenue.

Join the N.Rich experts as they outline how Eloqua can be leveraged as the foundation of a successful ABM strategy.


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Join the webinar, and you will learn:

  1. What are a marketing-influenced sales opportunities? Why are leads not enough?
  2. How do you include Eloqua email engagement, email opens, and clicks in you ABM dataset?
  3. How do you tie Eloqua+CRM driven ABM together with Advertising, Website content, and emailing?
  4. How do you trigger account-based advertising driven by CRM as always-on activities?
  5. How do you do Account-Based Advertising on the best channels: Google, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn?




This webinar also offers actionable practices:

– Why segment leads into categories “Content Leads” and “Product Leads.”

– How to ensure you don’t waste your ABM budgets on thin air (like 63% of B2B marketers).


In traditional B2B Enterprise lead generation, in which marketers capture as many leads as possible, and then qualify them later in the funnel. Generated revenue attribution is an extraordinarily painstaking task to analyze. Usually paid social media does not deliver enterprise leads. Even If it does, (and it rarely happens) most of the leads are irrelevant, low-level contacts. 


The other part of the webinar will focus on unleashing the hidden potential of Marketing Automation with Account Based Marketing. Traditional B2B Enterprise lead generation means capturing as many leads as possible and trying to qualify them as MQL’s. The sad truth is that the lead quality is poor, generally and impact on sales will be close to zero.

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Markus Ståhlberg

* 20+ years of marketing, IT, and software product development experience

* Co-founder and CEO at N.RICH

* Marketing Technology software provider for B2B Enterprises in IT, manufacturing and engineering area

* Co-authored of a MarTech book “Multi-Channel Marketing Ecosystems” (Kogan Page)

Maxim Kublitski
Enterprise Solutions Manager

* 5+ years in B2B enterprise-focused sales & marketing

* Marketing Technology, AI & Startup evangelist

* B2B sales & marketing column writer & public speaker