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Webinar: Demandbase – How to 8x Your ABM Clicks in 30 days


Demandbase is the market leader in ABM platforms, but many organisations are finding it very challenging to achieve a predictable and high level of measurable clicks from target accounts.

In this webinar N.Rich specialists will explain how to complement Demandbase IP-address data with cookie-based ABM data and Demandbase’s programmatic display with ABM Google and Social channels.


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Learn how to get 1000+ measurable monthly ABM clicks from enterprise accounts with Demandbase.


Key benefits:
1. Reaching High Predictable High Volume
How to complement Demandbase programmatic display with ABM Google and Social at scale.
2. Leveraging 1st Party Dataset: cookie-based targeting
How to enrich Demandbase IP address data with cookie-based ABM data.
How to leverage the learnings in 30 days and reach level of 1000+ clicks from target accounts..

Please note that this webinar is organised by N.Rich. N.Rich is a complementary solution to Demandbase. Demandbase is not involved or sponsoring the organisation of this webinar.

Markus Ståhlberg

* 20+ years of marketing, IT, and software product development experience

* Co-founder and CEO at N.RICH

* Marketing Technology software provider for B2B Enterprises in IT, manufacturing and engineering area

* Co-authored of a MarTech book “Multi-Channel Marketing Ecosystems” (Kogan Page)

Maxim Kublitski
Enterprise Solutions Manager

* 5+ years in B2B enterprise-focused sales & marketing

* Marketing Technology, AI & Startup evangelist

* B2B sales & marketing column writer & public speaker