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Webinar: B2B Marketing AI & Big Data


B2B Enterprise marketers are researching machine learning and AI to integrate it in their marketing strategies ASAP. The most common cases include:

  • Digital customer journey analysis (matching all marketing data sources with the CRM)
  • Increase the campaign reach with more precise targeting and adaptive content personalisation

In this invite-only Webinar, you will gain understanding into how top B2B Enterprises are delivering revenue attribution with big data marketing. Discover why CRM data is most essential when monetising your big data marketing. What are the practical reasons why the leading B2B Enterprises foresee that AI will have a huge impact on business? 


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IMPORTANT NOTE: This invitation-only webinar is designed for B2B Enterprises that have already taken their first steps to build their MarTech stacks by investing in B2B Marketing Automation (Eloqua, Marketo and Pardot).

Practical Topics:

  1. How is big data used in B2B marketing – it’s sources, uses, and applications?
  2. Why the lack of big data is the major problem with content recommendations?
  3. How to turn big data marketing from a headache into a treasure trove?


No Big Data Means Broken Digital Customer Journey

The leading B2B marketers have a smart approach to utilising, analysing and integrating data. Big data marketing is an opportunity, not a dilemma. It can jump-start your B2B enterprise marketing strategy. Big data is the new reality, which includes data volume, velocity and variety. All these dimensions require a new approach to using data. Through N.Rich B2B AI research in co-operation with Aalto University, case studies and strategic B2B data framework, our specialists provide an overview of data-driven marketing and AI best practices and the best applications for B2B!

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Markus Ståhlberg

* 20+ years of marketing, IT, and software product development experience

* Co-founder and CEO at N.RICH

* Marketing Technology software provider for B2B Enterprises in IT, manufacturing and engineering area

* Co-authored of a MarTech book “Multi-Channel Marketing Ecosystems” (Kogan Page)

Maxim Kublitski
Enterprise Solutions Manager

* 5+ years in B2B enterprise-focused sales & marketing

* Marketing Technology, AI & Startup evangelist

* B2B sales & marketing column writer & public speaker