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CRM-Based Website Personalisation

N.Rich Content Recommendation Engine personalises the website user experience, using CRM data to ensure your key accounts find the most valuable content assets.

Leave the “average visitor” – based personalisation behind.

Optimize your on-site content conversions from valuable target accounts based on CRM data, instead of averages. The site-wide responsive recommendation widget is not limited to landing pages, but it works throughout the site for all your content assets. It’s easy to install in minutes, security and privacy certified with no manual page-level personalisation required.

Why Choose N.Rich Content Recommendation Engine?

Increase Conversions
Optimize on-site content conversions for valuable target accounts.
CRM-Based Automation
Personalised content automation based on CRM data – no guesswork.
No IT Overhead
Easy-to-install full-site responsive recommendation widget.
Fix Conversion Paths
Create more conversions from product content to marketing content and vice versa.
Right Content
Show the right content to the right account at the right time based on CRM data.
Content Analytics
Easily categorise all your content assets to simplify your content streams for the future.
More Conversions The ability to personalise website at scale means that you automate content recommendations for all your content assets based on CRM data. Personalised recommendations for thousands of CRM accounts at a time are based on the funnel stage. Get in touch
Easy-to-install The installation process removes the IT overhead because the full-site responsive recommendation widget takes only a few mins to install. You will also be able to categorise all your content assets to simplify content streams for the future.
Enterprise Content Problem Fixed N.Rich fixes two common problems that large enterprise web sites have helping to target account visitors as they navigate from product section to valuable marketing content, like customer references, and from marketing content to your product pages, to accelerate their buyer journey. Get in touch

Learn how the N.Rich Content Recommendation Engine can work for you.

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