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ABM Revenue Attribution At Scale

Can marketing influenced revenue be the key metric for B2B digital marketing? Yes it can. N.Rich ABM reporting allows marketing teams to measure their direct influence on complex B2B customer journeys and enterprise sales opportunities.

Forget about leads and MQLs as the main metric – the best B2B enterprise teams are focused on opportunities and revenue

N.Rich Revenue Attribution reporting ties together every touchpoint on the digital customer journey, generating actionable insights for your marketing and sales teams. N.Rich helps marketing leaders to focus on growing the enterprise revenue, instead of on leads.

Why Choose N.Rich Revenue Attribution?

Sales Opportunity Attribution
Show digital marketing results in CRM as marketing influenced sales opportunities.
Multi-Persona And Multi-Touch
Map the long-term engagement of dozens of buyer personas within the target accounts during their buyer journeys.
Cookie- And Lead-to-Account Mapping
Map cookies and leads to accounts and attribute every engagement touchpoint to sales opportunities.
Account-Based Customer Journey
Measure the entire buyer journey to reveal the full picture on digital marketing impact on sales revenue.
Don’t Get Held Back By Leads
Stay confident in your team by seeing the influence on revenue, even without generating a single MQL.
ABM Baseline Measurement
Understand your ABM baseline making it easy to improve and show performance vs. control data
It’s Time To Update Your Metrics Show digital marketing performance inside the CRM as marketing influenced sales opportunities. N.Rich Reporting introduces target account level to all fundamental digital marketing metrics in real-time. No more agency work needed to show what’s working and what’s not. Get in touch
From Single-Contact To Multi-Persona In the past, the only credible results marketing could show were leads within the marketing automation system – a single contact. Enterprise buyer journeys involve dozens of key personas over long periods of time and this fact is why N.Rich uses a multi-touch account-level attribution algorithm to map the engagement of all cookies within the account.
Sales And Marketing Alignment Account-based marketing is replacing lead-based demand generation rapidly for B2B Sales and Marketing alike. However, B2B Marketing and Sales teams need to be aligned – by focusing on the same accounts and contacts. Get in touch

See how N.Rich revenue attribution can work for you.

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