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Sync ABM Data Securely

N.Rich provides integrations for enterprise CRM and Marketing Automation tools – so you can understand the full picture of the complex and long customer journeys.

Unique Technology For Big Data Integrations

With N.Rich, you can forget the common integration challenges like need for complex normalisation or manual work phases. The data from all sources is structured into a single logical timeline for the account and persona-level buyer journeys.

Benefits of N.Rich Integrations?

Part Of Your Stack
Robust integrations for Salesforce, Marketo, Pardot, Eloqua, and HubSpot.
Sync Ads, Website, Marketing Automation and CRM
Transform sales and marketing alignment with one unified account data set.
Cookie based ABM Dataset
Cookies will be associated with events on all layers from ads to website to MAS, to CRM.
Normalized ABM data
Say no to denormalized data exports, transmission errors, and manual parsing.
Avoid IT Overheads
N.Rich moves easyEasy-to-integrate moves data among your web apps automatically.
Cyber Security
Certified enterprise-grade data security and privacy control with strict GDPR compliance.
Use Your CRM Data No more messy and painful .csv exports and imports. Authorise access to your CRM on the N.Rich platform, use our integration builder to define the synchronised fields to ensure your account lists and CRM sales opportunity data stay in real time sync. Get in touch
Account-Based Attributes N.Rich uses sophisticated algorithms to map anonymous website and advertising traffic into your CRM accounts. Together with lead-to-account matching model, this ensures that all data is synchronised between Advertising, Website, Marketing Automation and CRM Opportunity, Account Segment, Pipeline, campaign and other key CRM data
10x Your ABM Data By Cookies N.Rich will improve your ABM dataset by at least 10x, since all data is managed on the account level, and associated with cookies (advertising, website) and to leads (through lead-to-account matching). E.g. if you have 500k cookies, 50k emails, and 1k sales opportunities, every engagement point from this data would be mapped on the same timeline on the account and opportunity bases. Get in touch

See how N.Rich integrations can work for you.

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