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Webinar: ABM 2020


Time to update (or create) your ABM Strategy


All enterprises want to generate more MQL’s, but there aren’t many CMO’s who can proclaim to the board that marketing is having a significant, measurable impact on sales revenue. ABM can be an extremely powerful tool for enterprise digital marketing. However, with all the hype and buzz, it is not trivial to execute ABM efficiently to get measurable results that impacts sales revenue.


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Join the N.Rich experts as they outline the biggest ABM challenges:


  1. Typically, the only direct ABM result is impressions (clicks only through view through conversions)
    • Learn to use all the best ad channels to get predictable amounts of visitors, readers, and video views.


  1. High volume big budget content is never seen by target accounts.
    • Why a CRM driven, web site-wide content recommendation engine could help


  1. Showing Results Without Revenue
    • How to present account-based customer journeys as marketing-influenced sales opportunities.




This webinar also offers actionable practices:

  • What is the “market map” for ABM vendors?
  • Why and how to segment leads into “content leads” and “product leads.”
  • How to ensure you don’t waste your ABM budgets on thin air.


In traditional B2B Enterprise lead generation marketers capture as many leads as possible, and then qualify them as MQL’s later in the funnel. It is an extraordinarily painstaking task to analyze generated revenue attribution. Typically paid media, does not deliver any enterprise leads. Even If it does, (and this rarely happens) most leads are irrelevant, non-buyer personas.


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Markus Ståhlberg

* 20+ years of marketing, IT, and software product development experience

* Co-founder and CEO at N.RICH

* Marketing Technology software provider for B2B Enterprises in IT, manufacturing and engineering area

* Co-authored of a MarTech book “Multi-Channel Marketing Ecosystems” (Kogan Page)

Maxim Kublitski
Enterprise Solutions Manager

* 5+ years in B2B enterprise-focused sales & marketing

* Marketing Technology, AI & Startup evangelist

* B2B sales & marketing column writer & public speaker